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Contest and Promotional Ideas for Partner Incentive Programs

Keep your partner incentive program fresh and exciting by adding some pizazz to the core structure. To continue participants’ interest, we recommend offering new awards, short-term contests, exciting travel trips, unique drawings, spurt promotions, referral bonuses, or extra communications. You can also spice up programs with new award offers.

Bonus points on all performance measures during the first few weeks or months.

Great for kickoffs and starting your partner incentive program off on a strong note!


Extra rewards for top performers (and recognition on the website.)

Everyone enjoys the spotlight every now and then; show off individual achievement.


The manager receives a matching percentage (usually 10%) of points earned by their direct reports.

Improves buy-in from every level of management and encourages motivation for their reps!


If the team meets a pre-determined goal, everyone wins.

Morale-booster, unlike any other. Working together towards a reward that everyone enjoys.


Grand prizes or special offers awarded to top achievers.

Standard practice for most programs; to the victor go the spoils. Just make sure they’re recognized!


Every time a rep passes a threshold, their points accelerate
(after level 1, earn 150% level 2, 200%; level 3, 300%)

If you find that your programs hit a sophomore slump, instigating accelerators can help carry momentum.


Earn extra points for enrolling by a specific day.

Boost your registrations and adoption rates with some added upfront benefits for the go-getters.


Refer a friend for extra points.

Whether it’s for sign-ups or sales, referral bonuses are worth implementing for communication value alone.


Earn tickets in a random prize drawing.

Cost-effective and fun! Most can participate and adds a little gamification to the program.



If you think your partner incentive program can benefit from more bright ideas, check out the full Channel Partner Rewards Guide

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