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Virtual event planners take your meeting, conference, or trade show and convert it into a completely digital experience that attendees can access from anywhere. Brightspot takes this a step further with the Engage process. We streamline everything that goes into creating an unforgettable virtual event, and then find ways to inject creativity and attention-grabbing techniques to boost attendee engagement. 

Our virtual planners accelerate the development of your event to quickly implement, promote, and administer each meeting in a completely custom experience. See why Brightspot has a proven track record of planning virtual events that break the mold.

How it Works

Full-Scale Virtual Event Solutions

Digitally transform an event using Engage™, Brightspot’s turn-key virtual event solution. Our A/V producers and expert meeting planners collaborate with you to perfect every detail and make the creation of your virtual event easy, quick, and worry-free, all while staying in budget!

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• Recommend the best-fit platform

• Enhance with professional AV production

• Boundless creativity

• End-to-end management

• Accelerate launch

Scaled to size.







Full-service virtual event management.

General Session Pre-Recorded

Pre-recorded and available on demand via the platform

Emcee Management

Live Q&A

Breakout Sessions

Pre-Recorded Camera with talking head and slides (Casual)

(3) Pre-Recorded Sessions

Live Q&A

Pre-Production Content

Speaker Sourcing for Pre-Recorded Content

Script & Content Management

Intro Video Production

Production for General Session

Lighting and Green Screen Onsite

Live Intro Video Production

Switching from Live to Pre-Recorded Content

Here’s how it works.



Creativity is our specialty, so we begin at the Design phase with the custom theming and art for each virtual event. After the basics of the event are ironed out, professional designers and meeting professionals begin working with your team to make a cohesive theme and feel for the event that will be seen in the website, collateral, communications, and live presentation elements. Rest assured that every attendee will recognize that your virtual event will have just as much authority and importance as an in-person corporate meeting, from the first invite email they open to the closing statements.


Pre-production is where the logistics are pinpointed, and technical workflow is perfected. An event website is created that allows attendees to register, check out presentation resources, and even interact with other attendees. Brightspot curates the perfect fit for virtual platforms and broadcast solutions to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch. Keynote speakers are also sourced, as well as a story board, script draft, and run of show so everyone is on the same page. Additionally, we work with your team to create videos that can be used as promotional materials prior to the event, or as pre-recorded segments during the live show.


This is where we hype up the event to your prospective attendees and reel in the registrations! Email campaigns are created using fully custom artwork from the Design phase and are managed by our meeting professionals to optimize engagement. Social media accounts can be utilized specifically for the virtual event and are monitored all the way up to the event to generate buzz with followers and share promotional materials and videos from the speakers. For those hard-to-reach VIP registrations, we also create and source customized direct-mail invites that include gifts or tailor-made print pieces that are impossible to ignore!

Live Production

Where all of the hard work comes together, the Live Production! Our meeting experts handle everything from start to finish. Remote presenters, pre-recorded segments, as well as any “live speakers” on a virtual sound stage are all managed and queued up with our audiovisual provider to make the event run smoothly and without miscues. Brightspot also uses gamification to keep attendees engaged during and between showtimes with prize-awarding quizzes, live doodling with peers, networking scavenger hunts, and countless other options!


Back-end measurement of the registration site, live event, and communication campaign all come together in the Reporting phase to get a forensic look at what works and what has an opportunity to be improved before the next event. Review meetings are planned to go over reports that are fully customized to fit your goals and focus in on key metrics. Take this opportunity to impress your team with all the proven ways the virtual event was a hit and bask in the glory before jumping right back into planning the next one!

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