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Graphically engaging, user-friendly, full-service incentive software platform built with you and your team in mind. Behind the scenes of your incentive program lies the backbone of its success. Ignite is Brightspot’s flexible SaaS platform that enables quick launch and provides robust technical options for scalability and customization.

Using flexible features and proprietary templates, our in-house developers accelerate the development of your site to quickly implement, promote, and administer program elements without sacrificing creativity or complexity by design.

How it Works

Benefits at a glance ...

Ignite Incentive Software Platform

Accelerate Launch
Low set-up costs
Flexible branding
Customize offers
Measure ROI

Here’s how it works.


Professional graphics and easy user interface make for a site that participants are willing to come back to.

Every Ignite site is fully customizable to match your brand standards and is accelerated through the use of our extensive library of proprietary templates.


Typical Ignite sites include up to 8 pages of information and program details (additional pages available as an add-on.) Common page options include:

• Home Page
• Program Rules
• Current Promotions
• Claim Submission Form
• Participant Profile Page
• Award Catalog
• Terms & Conditions
• Contact Us


From custom form fields to automatic enrollment, getting participants registered has never been easier. Provide a pre-registration list and we’ll populate account profiles for you.

Full-scale registration infrastructure gives program members the ability to edit their profile, track their progress, and redeem their hard-earned points at will.



As participants achieve awards, access to a dynamic data entry claim form allows for quick collection of achievement details. The form, built to your exact specifications, works with the Ignite server to qualify and verify achievements according to program rules and scoring.

Participants can send their claims out for approval to their supervisors, your Program Manager, or upload them directly. Ignite verifies, groups, processes, and assigns points to entries automatically.



Travel, gift cards, merchandise and even experiential awards; your reward options are endless. The ability to create a custom catalog built for your specific audience makes Ignite a flexible, easily adaptable platform.

Want to build promotions around specific items or create daily deals to encourage engagement? Thinking of adding a sweepstake drawing? It’s all possible with Ignite.


Ignite is more than just an incentive software platform. We are a full-service solution, providing your incentive program with technical support, program management, fulfillment, and more.

Anything you want to create or adjust is always a phone call or email away.


The Logic module, paired with Brightspot’s in-house developers, separates Ignite from competitors’ technology by powering greater incentive offer complexity, custom form fields, conditional form questions, and complex scoring formulas, splits, matches, and limits.


Receive pre-defined reports to track behaviors, participants, usage, and more. Analyze and interpret the effectiveness of your incentive program every step of the way.

With our custom dashboard, you have a quick overview of the metrics you’re most interested in allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of your program.


Incentive Software Report

The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) put out a full analysis on incentive software and how it’s changing to adapt to the needs of different programs. As more businesses move away from the spreadsheet-tracking, it has become necessary for incentive program managers to find software solutions that cater to their unique program rules, payouts, award fulfillment, communication campaigns, and reporting requirements.

Take an in-depth look at what technology trends are taking over the incentives industry, as well as what’s on the horizon!

Show Report

Top 10 Software Features

You’ll find there are very few off-the-shelf incentive software platforms that allow companies to manage a “DIY” incentive program. Most incentive platforms are provided by full-service incentive providers who offer software technology – plus consulting expertise, promotional communications, program administration, and award fulfillment. Make sure the incentive software has the functionality to drive your program.

These are our top 10 recommended incentive software platform features to look for.

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Don’t get stuck in long contracts with platforms that don’t have everything your unique incentive program requires. Download our eBook that has the insider info on how to identify what features a modern solution should have built-in, and what you need to look for when making a decision.

•   Does the incentive software have the latest features?
•   What unique calculations will your program require?
•   Is it necessary for your program to run on incentive software?

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How to Maximize Your Data

How do you define success in your incentive programs? We live in a data-driven world and can no longer rely on positive feedback or good feelings to track the health of our incentive programs.

Analytics can help us understand what humans do, what motivates them, and why it changes over time. The more we know about our target audience (our participants), the more informed decisions we can make to improve on the traditional carrots and sticks.

Take these 3 steps to make the most of your incentive software’s robust analytics and steer your program to maximum effectiveness.

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