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Graphically engaging, user-friendly, full-service incentive software platform built with you and your team in mind. Behind the scenes of your incentive program lies the backbone of its success. Ignite is Brightspot’s flexible SaaS platform that enables quick launch and provides robust technical options for scalability and customization.

Using flexible features and proprietary templates, our in-house developers accelerate the development of your site to quickly implement, promote, and administer program elements without sacrificing creativity or complexity by design.

How it Works

The Ignite Advantage...

Our Product

Accelerate Launch
Low set-up costs
Flexible branding
Customize offers
Measure ROI

Our Insights

Seamless integration
Real-time reporting
Admin dashboards
Reduce fraud
Measure ROI

Our People

Expert guidance
Dedicated support
Experienced management
No red-tape
Flexible solutions

An 80/20 Solution

Our IgniteTM solution uses a different strategy than most incentive software to accommodate each client’s unique wishes. Some competitors might have a larger platform with a few more features, but if your incentive does not fit perfectly into a fixed format, the software cannot be modified.

The Ignite library of powerful modules supports 80% of the standard use cases across all businesses and incentive types. These out-of-the-box features make new programs quick to roll out to your participants.

20% is customizable to the unique nuances of each client and incentive promotion, such as the go-to-market strategy, data capture needs, custom fields, reward calculations, incentive rules, and reporting. The Ignite modules are open-source code that can be quickly and easily tailored by our in-house developers.

Brightspot believes every business and its people are unique. These ‘something extras’ transform your incentive programs beyond a basic incentive experience into a platform for motivation and recognition, with the flexibility to drive sales and ROI.

Here’s why it’s great


Professional graphics and an easy user interface make for a site that participants are willing to come back to.

Every Ignite site is fully customizable to match your brand standards and is accelerated through the use of our extensive library of proprietary templates.

Mobile responsive website
Graphic design of themed, static web and email header for basic communications
Attractive incentive templates, menu bars, and page layouts


From custom form fields to automatic enrollment, getting participants registered has never been easier. Provide a pre-registration list and we’ll populate account profiles for you.

Full-scale registration infrastructure gives program members the ability to edit their profile, track their progress, and redeem their hard-earned points at will.

Participant registration forms
Pre-enrollment uploads
Partner management verification


Data Capture

Activity Claim Forms and Transaction Importers create an intuitive pathway for participants and administrators to input progress.

Users have full transparency of their current point total in the program as well as their redemptions and order history.

Custom fields – up to (3)
Conditional fields (if/then) or branching forms available at an additional charge
Automated claim form data validation (such as eligible dates, SKUs, etc.)
Claim calendar constraints for start date, stop date, and submit-by date
File upload interface for proof of sale (or activity)
Confirmation emails for activity submission and claim status changes


The Calculation module, paired with Brightspot’s in-house developers, separates Ignite from competitors’ technology by powering greater incentive offer complexity, custom form fields, conditional form questions, and complex scoring formulas, splits, matches, and limits.

Point sharing (beyond 2-way split)
Multipliers (2x or 3x points for an “If” criteria)
Accelerators (after volume reached, points increase at higher rate)
Tiers (stair-stepped levels of points or awards)


Travel, gift cards, merchandise, and even experiential awards; your reward options are endless. The ability to create a custom catalog built for your specific audience makes Ignite a flexible, easily adaptable platform.

Want to build promotions around specific items or create daily deals to encourage engagement? Thinking of adding a sweepstakes drawing? It’s all possible with Ignite.

Gift card catalog (including e-gift cards)
Curated merchandise catalog
Automated fulfillment interfaces to selected reward option
Includes ongoing catalog maintenance and support


Receive predefined reports to track behaviors, participants, usage, and more. Analyze and interpret the effectiveness of your incentive program every step of the way.

With our custom dashboard, you have a quick overview of the metrics you’re most interested in allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of your program.

Administrative dashboard
Activity claim information – summary and detailed report
Summary reports
Website usage statistics

Stay updated on the latest in incentive software

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Take an in-depth look at what technology trends are taking over the incentives industry, as well as what’s on the horizon!

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Choosing an Incentive Software Platform eBook

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Don’t get stuck in long contracts with platforms that don’t have everything your unique incentive program requires. Download our eBook that has the insider info on how to identify what features a modern solution should have built-in, and what you need to look for when making a decision.

•   Does the incentive software have the latest features?
•   What unique calculations will your program require?
•   Is it necessary for your program to run on incentive software?

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