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Comprehensive reward solutions that motivate and inspire.

Our comprehensive online reward solution offers thousands of the latest & greatest awards. Crave™ is a flexible rewards platform that offers companies and winners the power of choice to select their own award. Our incentive experts will recommend the right rewards to provide a meaningful, memorable and motivating experience for your reward earners.

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Award Types


Our merchandise selection is refreshed weekly, so reward earners can redeem for the latest and greatest items as they become available. Participants have 24/7 access to online shopping, real-time inventory availability, and fast delivery.

Gift Cards

An extensive array of gift card options allows incentive program participants to choose from over 150 national brands in the retail and restaurant arenas. We make gift card fulfillment timely and pain-free with both physical and virtual e-gift card solutions.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards from VISA and Mastercard offer the maximum level of flexibility and freedom of choice for program winners. Card branding options are available so reward earners will have a constant reminder of the program sponsor.


Featuring hotels brands such as Fairmont, Marriott, and Hyatt, winners can choose their own trip destination and dates. Our concierge travel desk will book air, hotel, transportation, and other exciting activities to create a memorable experience and give your incentive winners the VIP treatment.

Awards Matrix

Pros, cons and features of the most common rewards used today.
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Cash or Non-Cash

Cash rewards require 3x the incentive cost compared to non-cash.

Everyone asks: “what is better: cash or non-cash awards?” The mob of sales reps clamor, “give me cash, not prizes.” Before launching an incentive program, Human Resources wisdom advises that basic, monetary needs must be met first by existing compensation structures.

Conclusion: Cash is definitely king for base compensation and commissions.

Everyone should ask: “is cash motivational after base compensation and commissions?”