Branding Everything Is Not Always Necessary for Incentive Trip Gifts

Have you ever been on an incentive trip and later forgot the reason for going? You have a backpack, Bluetooth speaker, selfie stick, and luggage tag all with the company logo, but aren’t sure if that was from one incentive program or another. Companies loves to sport their logo, but sometimes you can go overboard with branding everything given to your employees.

Incentive trip gifting is a bit different from the typical office merchandise. Incentive travel programs are designed to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences that invoke a strong relationship between a company and its employees. The little room gifts and pre-trip apparel or luggage tag act as the mementos of this bucket list incentive trip. You want to be sure that every time they look at it that they’re not just seeing the company, but the memory of that destination.

When you’re thinking about gifts for an incentive trip, you want them to remember three things, where, why, and who: Where they went, Why they earned it, and Who provided them with the gift.  While branding each piece of collateral or gift you give them can be a constant reminder of the who, theming the gift to the destination and the program will take care of all three.

Everyone can take delight in receiving a nice luggage tag with their company logo on it, but adding the program or destination of the trip adds another layer of meaning. They can keep the luggage tag on their suitcase or backpack and show off how their company rewarded them.

You can add extra points to the memorability of an incentive trip gift if the gift itself is themed appropriately with the destination. If you’re going on a wine tour during your incentive trip to France, consider a custom cheeseboard with the program name and theme elements burnt into the wood. When it comes to apparel, keeping the branding light is preferred. We suggest using tone-on-tone logos that match the color of the apparel to help understate the branding and stay fashionable while still representing the company.

Maui Jim Sunglasses have an incredible gifting experience where participants get to pick out their own pair of shades. Every time they put them on, they remember what it was like to wear them on the beach during that incentive trip. Gifts should remind the recipients that their hard-earned achievements are rewarded and remembered.

Memories need a little help if they are going to last forever, and in today’s world, we as hard-working individuals deserve reminders of why we choose to work for one company over another. Give your team a reason to talk about all you do for them, and why they do so much for you.

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