Improving upon your incentive trip year after year is a daunting task. Coming up with fresh ideas and finding new experiences that excites your audience is a monumental project of its own. This eBook breaks down 9 tips from the experts to breathe new life into your trip.

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• Need fresh ideas for a stale incentive trip
• Want to increase buy-in from your participants
• Have a limited amount of time to plan
• Wish to create unforgettable experiences

Of course, we are ready to assist if you’re looking for incentive travel experts! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like us to help bring bright ideas to your next program.

TIP #2


In addition to goals shifting, companies frequently lose focus on the true target – the sales reps they are trying to motivate and reward. Lots of voices have opinions on destinations, hotels, activities, etc.

Re-consider your target audience – including their demographics and psychographics – to keenly focus your thoughts.


> Gender
> Age
> Income
> Job Titles


> Current level of motivation
> Capability to improve, learn, or sell
> Extrinsically or intrinsically motivated
> Attitudes, interests, opinions

TIP #5


We all have the best intentions when it comes to choosing the perfect destination for the next incentive trip. The unfortunate reality is that days are short, inboxes are full, and our natural tendency is to default to what has worked in the past, and let’s be honest, that’s usually a beach.

There is no one-size-fits-all incentive trip. Selecting a motivational destination is a mix of both art and science. The expertise of a good incentive travel company can be extremely beneficial.

They are the pros on destinations, flight options, and “incentive-quality” hotels. They’ve traveled to most places, seen resorts inside-and-out, vetted amazing activities, and built strong local partnerships. They know the hot-list of new openings and the properties with not-so-hot service.

Ask yourself:

Are you basing destinations on ease of planning?
Are you relying on existing partner relationships and not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone?
Are you thinking about where you personally would like to go next?
Are you offering new destinations that expose attendees to new experiences?

TIP #7


Each destination provides a unique canvas on which you can create group experiences that resonate with your attendees. If you are looking to make a lasting impression on your group, we recommend you look outside of the hotel ballroom. Here are some ideas to help:

Add an interactive element by inviting locals artisans to set up a market that allows your guests to shop onsite for authentic hand-made goods. Add a photo booth with props, or check out live events. We’ve set up lawn games, sumo wrestling with blow up suits and Portuguese tile painting stations. Your partners can help you find a way to add engaging elements that fit the personality of your group.

Add some Edutainment to foster appreciation and connection, incorporate teaching into an entertainment element. For example, Copper Mountain, CO is located on Ute Indian ground; you can honor this heritage by opening your event with a blessing from Ute elders. Foreign dignitaries & government officials are a nice touch at a welcome reception.

Visit a local villa, castle, palace or spectacular home. Every destination has a host of beautiful properties lined up to welcome your guests. Some of them will even allow your hotel/resort to cater if food & beverage minimum is a concern. Our “After the Harvest” party included three wineries onsite for tastings and grape stomping for the guests, at a Tuscan Villa in Florence.

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