CenturyLink had been doing lunch-and-learn events with customers and prospects – and they challenged the Brightspot team to brainstorm ideas for new, top-notch events that together we named “premier events.”

The event goals were to strengthen relationships with existing customers, up-sell new services, and generate pipeline opportunities with new prospects.  The local, field events were often co-marketed with B2B alliance partners, so the concept would require partner buy-in too.


Brightspot and CenturyLink teams collaborated to produce a chart-topping hit!  A Taylor Swift concert event series in 18 cities across the North America would hit the road.

Two, uncommon ideas made the concert events successful.  First, the team believed family-friendly events would encourage attendance.  Second, the event would be a “plus-one” and allow each invitee to bring one guest.  Some brought spouses.  Or boyfriends, or girlfriends.  And many brought teenage daughters, which made the CenturyLink guest a rock star at home!

A pre-party reception allowed time to mix and mingle before enjoying the concert with their lucky guests.  Attendees interacted with an Instagram frame cardboard cutout (like Taylor’s famous 1989 album cover) and took pictures with a Fuji Instax camera that produced polaroid-type photo takeaways. It was one unforgettable night! #the1989worldtour


Corporate Road Show




Generate New Pipeline Opportunities
Strengthen Relationships
Upsell New Services


Whereas small events are often challenging to coordinate multiple vendors for venues, catering, promotion, giveaways, registration, planning, and on-site logistical support – the Brightspot Events team was a one-stop solution for everything.  Our in-house ‘Swifties’ shared their fan expertise to make everything memorable.

The events set several records.  The highest level of senior executive, VP, or C-level attendance at 84%.  New sales funnel opportunities for monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of $847,000.  And MRR won of $250,000!

“This was, hands down, the best customer event ever.
It drew execs that are hard to get to!”

- CenturyLink Global Account Executive

“Who is the great mind behind all of this? This is a great idea!”

- Customer




in New Sales Funnel Opportunities

Sr. Exec, VP, or C-Level Attendance