Meeting decision makers are strained more than ever.  Competing projects, deadlines, and meetings press in.  Juggling this month’s deliverables, answering 200 emails per day, managing event logistics, and planning overall event strategy – leaves no time to research and source the next hotel.  Adding to those challenges are today’s market dynamics of rising hotel occupancy, shrinking meeting space capacity, and longer lead times.  Sourcing the next hotel is no easy task and one that often slips down the to-do list until it becomes the next crisis.


Strategic Sourcing


Shorten Lead Times
Find the Perfect Accommodations
Lower Costs Below Corporate or Preferred Rates


The Brightspot Strategic Sourcing team offers complimentary site research and availability services at no cost to you!  The hotels compensate us with a room commission without affecting your room rate because the hotels maintain rate parity and pay the commission from a separate marketing fund.

By using a speedy eRFP engine, accessing our extensive knowledge, tapping industry relationships, leveraging our buying power, and utilizing best practices in hotel contracting, we help our clients:

  • realize cost savings beyond corporate or preferred rates
  • uncover bargains and hot rates
  • find the perfect hotel to match their event goals
  • shorten the total cycle time of research, proposal, and contracting
  • understand the condition, appearance, and service of individual hotels
  • learn about new openings, recent renovations, and existing construction
  • negotiate favorable legal contract clauses to reduce risk
  • shield them from persistent follow-ups by hotel sales reps
  • and reduce their workload and headaches!

Here are a few examples of how we have leveraged our expertise and buying power to benefit our clients.

  • Saved 25% on room rates for a telecommunications client
  • Negotiated 20% savings on food and beverage for an incentive travel program
  • Pleaded with long-standing hotel partner to reduce attrition penalties by $295,000 when an incentive travel client shrunk trip size from 1,000 attendees to 200
  • Negotiated waived attrition fees for an association with an unforeseen attendance decline
  • Obtained a credit for $63,000 in cancellation charges when the current year conference was canceled and rebooked for the following year
  • Secured a 5% master account rebate by contracting the next year’s incentive trip with a sister resort
  • Sourced 15 regional sales meetings in one week
  • Negotiated multi-year bargains within the Ritz-Carlton Brand
  • Leveraged our Hawaii tourism bureau relationships for discounted helicopter tours
  • Double hotel reward points for our main client contacts
  • And saved all our contacts lots and lots and lots of their valuable time!


Saved in a Single Program


Discount on Room Rates


Regional Sales Meetings Sourced in a Week


Hotel Reward Points