What is a Product Launch Roadshow?

A product launch roadshow is an activation to introduce clients and potential clients to new a product. This type of roadshow includes demonstrations of the new product and presentations or training on the new product. This type of event brings the new product to the client, instead of a client’s searching and potentially finding competitors.

Purpose of a Product Launch Roadshow

A product launch roadshow brings a new product to the forefront of clients and potential clients. These types of meetings create interest in the new product and can increase sales later in the sales cycle. A roadshow series provides an opportunity for companies to introduce the new product throughout their entire service area and get face to face interactions with as many users as possible.

Typical Audience

Product launch roadshows are held for prospects and current clients. Since this is an external audience, the events are often offered complimentary and need to entice attendees to come. Utilizing a unique venue or providing training and networking can often increase attendance.

Sourcing Requirements / Budget Drivers

The most important piece of a product launch roadshow is demoing the new product. With that, there is often a lot of equipment and signage that needs to be sent to every event throughout the series. To ensure that the equipment is on time for each location, it is best to have 2 or 3 sets of equipment. Creating a shipping schedule will make sure that each set is sent to the right location and there are fewer opportunities for the equipment to be delayed. Utilizing multiple sets of equipment and signage will increase the shipping budget, but there is no product launch without the product.

Another important budget factor to consider is audiovisual. With the equipment being the main driver of these events, confirming the proper power and internet capabilities is key. It is important to have the correct A/V specs for each piece of equipment before contracting. This allows for the venue or A/V vendor to quote the right amount of power and internet and allow for fewer concerns during setup.


  • Sourcing for accommodations, meeting space, A/V
  • Full program creative design with brand integration
  • Full scale, flexible registration websites
  • Registration services via web and call center
  • Name badges and signage
  • Presentation templates and branding
  • Meeting kits and fulfillment
  • Promotional products and attendee incentives
  • Professionally designed confirmations and reminders
  • Comprehensive cost reconciliation
  • Post-event attendee evaluations


One often overlooked piece of a product launch roadshow is the parking situation. Free parking is not always available in most major cities and if not discussed during the planning phase can be a major drawback onsite. Providing detailed parking instructions to attendees is key and communicating if the fees will be covered by the company or if attendees will need to pay on own. It is important to include what type of parking is included if there are multiple options at your venue, including self-parking or valet.

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Creative Tips

Like most roadshows, product launch events are typically offered complimentary to attendees. Because of that not all attendees tend to register prior to the event. In order to ensure that everyone will have a name badge, it is best to travel with or ship an onsite label printer. This will allow the onsite host to quickly print off the attendee’s name and add to a blank name badge. This can also be helpful to fix any misspelled or incorrect names provided during registration.

Why Brightspot?

Working with a trusted meeting planner during the planning and execution phases are imperative during a product launch roadshow. A Brightspot meeting planner is involved in every step of the process and just a phone call away. Brightspot’s host of subject matter experts are ready to step in and review all aspects of a roadshow and ensure all the newest ideas are included in every event. Drop us a line, and let’s start thinking up bright ideas!