What is a Demand Generation Event?

Demand generation events or meetings are used to generate warm leads and create connections with prospects. They focus on targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products and/or services.

Purpose of Demand Generation Events

These meetings are great opportunities to build rapport with a prospect or lead that may not know about your product or service. These are typically structured with a business meeting followed by an event. The purpose of the event is to introduce your product to a new audience and relationship building.

Typical Audience

The typical audience usually includes warm leads or leads that you’ve had some sort of contact with, know there is an interest or potential in building a business relationship with, and want to stay in front of them for when the opportunity arises that a sale can be made.

Sourcing Requirements / Budget Drivers

Demand generation events usually are short-form meetings that only require a small space that has access to a screen for a quick presentation. Providing catering and an information packet are added budget items, but the primary focus will be on meeting space and A/V. Depending on the scale of the event, there could be a need for decor and custom signage that corresponds with the product or service that is being presented.


  • Sourcing for meeting space, A/V
  • Full program creative design with brand integration
  • Stage design and décor for the entire event
  • On-site operations personnel
  • Registration services via web and call center
  • Name badges and signage
  • Presentation templates and branding
  • Meeting kits and fulfillment
  • Professionally designed confirmations and reminders
  • Comprehensive cost reconciliation


Because these events are heavy on relationship building, challenges our clients have faced are not being able to meet registration goals. It’s crucial that the channel marketing managers or field marketing managers, or whomever is leading the registrations is very involved in reaching out and encouraging prospects and leads to register. Without that push, numbers will fall well below the expected attendance level, leading to cancellation or postponement of events which greatly affects budget.

Why Brightspot?

Are you ready to plan your demand gen event? Or take your existing demand generation roadshow to the next level? Brightspot can take you there with its lean, mean, logistics machine, specializing in planning events and closely monitoring your budget. Brightspot is prepared to amplify your event with creative design ideas, audio visual, theming, and branding.  

For the tech savvy events, Brightspot creates and manages a mobile event app dedicated to your group. The app could help you go paperless for your event, increase attendee engagement, maximize network capabilities, and more.  

Brightspot is here to take all of the logistics of planning the demand gen event off of your plate. This allows you more dedicated time to focus on content creation, strategies, and networking. Drop us a line, and let’s start thinking up bright ideas!