PTC’s channel incentive program, PTC Partner Network Rewards, is a global tiered program built to drive sales and increase loyalty. In 2021, Brightspot Incentives & Events achieved a Motivation Masters Award for Best Channel Program with PTC.


The struggle PTC had with its channel incentive program was “keeping it fresh.” With constant competition in their space and a long-term channel program, they needed to keep engagement high with their sales reps across the globe.

PTC asked Brightspot to build a better international program, and through these conversations, several key goals were set. The program complexity needed to be simplified, and communication lacked a level of transparency. There needed to be a shift in the number of participants, and “moving the middle” was a must.


PTC Partner Network Rewards




– Increase engagement
– Simplify the program
– Channel transparency


To align promotions with strategic goals, quarterly incentive offers were scheduled, which pushed specific target metrics at the exact moment needed. Gamification was implemented that drove fun and engagement through a “spin the wheel” system that awarded extra points for playing.

Communications were overhauled to include more updates and simplified information so that all members in the program knew exactly what was happening at all times. The program graphics and website were changed, breathing new life to old systems and telling the story of the program visually instead of relying on reading materials. A virtual MasterCard was also added as a prize for the upper echelon of performers. And, program tiers were created to “move the middle.”

  • Sales increased quarter over quarter
  • Highest revenue since inception
  • Highest engagement ever seen in the program
  • 700+ participants
  • 62% participant engagement
  • 45+ countries participated

PTC's Engagement Percentage
Program Participants
Countries that Participated