When Avaya needed to find a way to boost sales through their global network of partner resellers, they reached out to Brightspot Incentives & Events to create the Avaya Edge Loyalty Program. This strategy included partners in 78 countries and targeted three types of participants: partner principles, account managers, and sales engineers. Participants earn awards based on the sale of qualifying products and services. In 2022, The Motivation Masters Awards selected Brightspot Incentives and Events as the Best Dealer/Channel Program for its design of the Avaya Edge Loyalty program!


Avaya was focused on targeting the right partners, including the right products, ensuring effective & concise communications. The program’s incentive design and award structure required a specific solution because award and offer types vary by region, participant role, and internal financial cost center.


Avaya Edge Loyalty Program




– Boost global sales
– Simplify and streamline the incentive program


Partner Principals are required to enroll via unique ID before their employees are eligible. This allows for a two-tier communication approach that encourages principals to understand the program. That buy-in is then leveraged by the incentive program to strengthen account manager and sales engineer engagement.

 This program targets three different types of participants, and each sells and supports different offerings. Using Brightspot’s IgniteTM platform filtering tools, we display unique offerings to the audience based on title and region. To make the submission process easy, a great deal of effort went into developing a dynamic claim form for each product and offer type to ensure only relevant data is displayed and collected.

When claims are approved, a unique award type is provided based on the region the participant lives in. Participants in North America receive funds on a reloadable debit card and international participants receive points they can use to purchase merchandise and gift cards that are curated for their specific country. A virtual Mastercard is also available globally in certain countries. This helps maintain costs and provide a desirable reward system.

  • Quarterly promotions for each global region
  • Flexibility to change offers as business goals change
  • Offers tailored to relevant products in each region
  • Payouts vary based on the margin for each product
  • A substantial increase in annual recurring revenue year over year
Awards Earned and Growing!
Countries Participating
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Avaya OneCloud™ Annual Recurring Revenues Increase YOY