We partnered with Avaya to create an Escape Room experience to drive awareness of their healthcare market vertical. Our creative solution design team brainstormed and came up with an innovative “edu-tainment” program that was memorable, educational, and easily replicated from location-to-location, as channel partners spanned across the country.


Channel Partner Edutainment




Educate Channel Partners
on Healthcare Vertical Solutions


Brightspot channel partner experts designed a full ‘Escape Room’ experience with Avaya’s educational initiatives in mind!

We leveraged our client’s vertical use-case scenarios to conceptualize clues and incorporate them into the experience to teach partners about specific products and integration solutions.

Teams of 8 to 10 had 60 minutes to complete this escape room that reinforced the healthcare vertical products and solutions. Each room was set up as a healthcare-themed facility; a “simulated” waiting room where participants had to isolate and protect the computer system from a rampant virus by solving each clue.

Brightspot staff set up and ran escape rooms in partners’ offices in 6 different cities to train over 60 individuals. The entire “event-in-a-box” experience was designed to be set up and run inside a medium-sized meeting space, such as a conference room so that it was easily replicated and could be executed without going to an off-site location.


There were many advantages to Avaya and Brightspot’s ‘edutainment’ approach, a few being:

• Working in teams, the escape rooms presented an excellent opportunity for relationship building and improving communications with the client’s subject-matter-experts to discuss healthcare data solutions and product integration.

• Because the entire experience was built out and ran by Brightspot, the budget for the program wasn’t stressed by going off-site to escape room brick-and-mortar locations.

• Channel partners were asking for more information on Avaya’s other products and solutions, resulting in increased quota share across the board (which you can read all about in our handy Channel Partner guide.)


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