What is a Sales Blitz?

A sales blitz is an organized effort by a company to focus all of its sales force on a specific task in one territory. The most common task is to identify, qualify, and engage potential new customers, but a sales blitz could also be used to quickly communicate new product or service to a market.

Purpose of a Sales Blitz

Sales blitz meetings are used to engage sales professionals and representatives to push the promotion of current or new products and services. These meetings usually start in the morning with an informative session for sales reps to listen and learn about products as well as share materials to help achieve sales goals. The group will usually break for a lunch and then go to into “blitz” where sales reps spend the afternoon using the tactical skills discussed during the training to sell the prospects. Many times, these meetings include a sales incentive to encourage selling and meeting the day’s goals.

Typical Audience

Sales representatives and partner networks are the standard audience for a sales blitz, but the typical attendee can range from call center techs to account executives. Creating an agenda and supporting materials that fits the audience is important to matching the level of knowledge and engagement.

Sourcing Requirements / Budget Drivers

Since these blitz meetings are usually held at local offices, there are no sourcing needs and even better, there aren’t fees associated with room rentals. The two main expenses for these programs are F&B (catering in lunch for the group) and cost for sales incentive (prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, onsite merchandise).

Clients usually pre-determine giveaways, such as promotional items or merchandise, so costs are easily identifiable upfront. The bigger budget driver is the cost for sales incentives, depending on how you organize your program.


  • Full program creative design with brand integration
  • Presentation templates and branding
  • Meeting kits and fulfillment
  • Promotional products and sales incentives
  • Comprehensive cost reconciliation
  • Managing catering of breakfast and lunch


These events are pretty simple in concept, but getting attendees engaged and putting their training into use to make sales is the ultimate goal. It’s important to determine what the sales goals are for the meeting and incorporate creative ways to encourage attendees to meet those sales goals by the end of the blitz.

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