We are often asked, “What are the most motivational rewards?” and our answer is, “It depends.” There is no silver bullet when it comes to selecting the perfect incentive award. In fact, there really is no perfect award. There are pros and cons to each award type and each program should be carefully designed with these 5 keys in mind. Our bonus “Ask an Expert” situations and “If/Then” examples will guide you to the best solution for your audience.

Pick motivational rewards based on:

• Understanding of your audience
• Incentive program’s duration
• Pros and cons of each award type

Of course, we are ready to assist if you’re looking for incentive rewards experts! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like us to help bring bright ideas to your next program.

Move the Middle

Are you focusing on the top 20% of performers, the low 20%, or the 60% that generally fall somewhere in the middle? Remember, even a small improvement by the big group in the middle 60% can have the most significant incremental benefit.

Motivational Reward Types

To narrow down our search, let’s take a look at the award type options available, and weigh the pros and cons of each.


Pro – Memorable experience

Con – Uncontrollable variables (weather, travel visas, etc.)


Pro – Trophy value

Con – Fulfillment issues

Gift Card

Pro – Freedom of choice

Con – Retailers may not be located conveniently to participant

Prepaid Cards

Pro – Universal acceptance; redeemable anywhere

Con – Purchases may disappear for necessities, such as gas, groceries, fast food

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