Whether your company is about to start an incentive travel program or revamping your current one, download the complete incentive travel how-to guide as your roadmap to creating an unforgettable program. The seven keys to success covered in this eBook on starting an incentive travel program are necessary pieces of every incentive trip.

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KEY #1


To create a motivating program, you need to understand who you are trying to motivate. By homing in on your target audience, you learn what rules will be effective and what destinations will be exciting. Additionally, you need to define your business goals. Take the time to strategize up to three clear, concise goals and write them down. You will be amazed at how they bring clarity of purpose for your management team.

KEY #2


Sure, you expect us to say this! But if this is your first incentive trip and your group is 20 winners or more, we suggest hiring an incentive travel company. An incentive company can offer valuable expertise, fresh ideas, and solutions that save you time and money. Because they have planned hundreds of trips, their capabilities include destination expertise, end-to-end management, global partnerships, and more.

KEY #3


Selecting a motivational destination is a mix of science and art, which means the expertise of a good incentive travel company can be extremely beneficial. They are pros on destinations, flight options, and “incentive-quality” hotels. They have traveled to most places, seen resorts inside and out, vetted amazing activities, and built strong local partnerships. Additionally, they can help you avoid common mistakes companies make when choosing destinations.

KEY #4


When building a budget, there are several considerations to factor in, from number of trip winners (and guests) to duration of trip, estimated airfares to meals. Two of the most impactful details are the location of the trip and the number of nights. A properly designed incentive travel program will pay for itself with incremental gross margin on increased sales volume and loyalty from your top performers.

KEY #5


Extraordinary, memorable experiences are what separates a top-notch incentive trip from a mere corporate-funded vacation. For new trips, veteran planners can be a huge help in crafting superior—and budget-friendly— events & activities. At Brightspot, our CMPs collaborate with destination partners to offer authentic activities unique to the location – such as cenote cave swims in Riviera Maya, Napali coast boat rides in Kauai, or cooking classes with a famous chef using local ingredients.

KEY #6


Far too often, the incentive promotion strategy is an afterthought. In today’s world, people are bombarded with media, which means it is vital that your promotional strategy does not depend solely on a few emails. Like any successful marketing effort, an effective incentive program needs a comprehensive campaign strategy, creative theme, and rhythmic messaging to ceate top-of-mind awareness. Your message must break through the clutter. .

KEY #7


To successfully pull off an incentive trip, you need both pre-trip planning and on-site hospitality services to make sure the program goes off without a hitch. An incentive planner will manage the hundreds of pre-trip planning details and guarantee your program operates smoothly. An on-site travel manager serves as a single point-of-contact, coordinating transportation to the hotel, hosting the hospitality desk, and supervising support staff and suppliers. Additional “TDs” (Travel Directors) will ensure your winners are treated like VIPs and oversee all functions and activities. Let a company like Brightspot sweat the details while you enjoy an unforgettable trip! 

You’re on your way to creating something incredible! 

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