Incentive programs are evolving. Gone are the days of the trophy and a handshake to the top salesperson; it’s about improving performance for everyone on your team or channel in a way that each individual can respond to.

Participants want to choose their own rewards, they want to see their progress towards their achievement, and they want to be able to carry out their own fulfillment with as little red tape as possible.

Luckily for you, incentive software platforms are becoming easier, smarter, and faster. This eBook covers the basics of what a true incentive software platform should do for your program and how it makes your job easier!

Of course, we are ready to assist if you’re looking for incentive software experts! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or would like us to help bring bright ideas to your next program.

How to Pick the Right Platform

When we say ‘incentive software platform,’ more often than not, we are actually talking about a full-scale incentive provider. There aren’t any cookie-cutter program templates, so these service providers are using the incentive software to build your incentive program for you. They provide software and professional services. People and code (and databases). There is much to consider, not just the features of the software, but those who will create and support it as well.

Every incentive program in need of a technology solution usually finds that 80% of the features they need are included, but the other 20% requires custom work from their solution provider. Making sure you select a service partner that has the flexibility to customize affordably is necessary. To see the latest trends on customization and how technology is improving the industry, check out the Incentive Research Foundation’s report on incentive software.

Key Criteria

Keeping in mind that incentive software is not just a SaaS platform, but a full-service solution with professional services, we recommend using a company that has your program in mind and keeps in close contact to make sure your expectations are met on a daily basis. Make sure your incentive software partner embodies this list of key criteria.

Professional Design

Cookie-cutter sites don’t have the lasting appeal of a custom-themed and well branded site

Incentive Expertise

Software is important, but adding the consulting expertise to design effective, motivational incentives that drive business results is the bigger value

Award Fulfillment

Redemption options for travel, merchandise, gift card, or experiential awards should be fully integrated, so company sponsors never worry about if an award will arrive on time or is still in stock


The software platform should allow for customization to ensure the 20% custom requirements can be satisfied

In-House Developers

A local team of web developers and database managers enable speedy launches and quick corrections


Be sure to protect your participant data at all touchpoints, including online forms and backend database, so nefarious attackers re not beating the system

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