Brightspot Acquires Incentive Team
Press Release: Incentive Team Joins Brightspot, Adds New Kitchen and Bath Incentive Expertise

Dallas, TX, August 14, 2023 — Brightspot Incentives & Events, a leading player in the incentives and channel programs space, is delighted to announce its merger with Incentive Team, a prominent incentive company specializing in the kitchen and bath loyalty programs. The merger is effective immediately, marking a significant milestone for both companies and propelling Brightspot into new industries.

With this strategic merger, Brightspot will gain a competitive advantage thanks to Incentive Team’s expertise and well-established presence in the market. The integration will expand Brightspot’s incentive program footprint and broaden its capabilities.

Strengthening Industry Presence:
Incentive Team’s extensive experience in providing showroom loyalty programs will complement Brightspot’s channel programs, enabling a broader spectrum of offerings to its clients. Showroom professionals participating in these loyalty programs will now enjoy an enhanced experience, being rewarded for both learning and product sales. The integration will also enable Brightspot to foster relationships with industry leaders and renowned brands that resonate with showroom professionals.

“We are thrilled about this merger with Incentive Team, as it expands our reach into new industries and reinforces our commitment to providing unparalleled incentives and channel programs to our clients,” said Mike May, CEO of Brightspot. “The combined expertise and experience will enable us to deliver even more comprehensive solutions that drive long-term value for our clients.”

Continuity in Leadership:
Peter Goldberger, President of Incentive Team, will play a pivotal role in the merger’s success as he transitions to a part-time Account Executive at Brightspot. Goldberger’s insights and expertise will be instrumental in crafting strategies to protect and grow salespeople, elevating the success of the showroom loyalty programs. He emphasized the importance of rewarding professionals throughout the sales process, and this approach aligns perfectly with Brightspot’s commitment to excellence.

“Upon making the decision to sell Incentive Team, I found Brightspot to be the clear and compelling choice due to its established dedication to excellence and integrity. The merging of our capabilities and reach fills me with excitement for the promising opportunities it offers to both Incentive Team’s clients and employees in the future,” said Peter Goldberger, President of Incentive Team. “Brightspot’s impressive approach to designing, executing, and managing programs showcases their creativity and innovation. They consistently stay ahead of industry standards and embrace contemporary technology to maintain their leadership position.”

Welcoming the Incentive Team Talent:Brightspot eagerly looks forward to embracing the new employees joining from Incentive Team, bringing with them their valuable technical expertise, including members skilled in incentive strategy, client account management, and web development.

By integrating these talented individuals into their workforce, Brightspot anticipates fostering a dynamic and collaborative work environment that encourages innovative thinking and creative problem-solving. The synergy created by merging diverse skill sets and experiences promises to propel the company forward, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Accelerating Growth and Innovation:
The merger also aligns with Brightspot’s commitment to constant innovation. The IT team will be engaged in upgrading and converting the Incentive Team’s technology infrastructure, migrating from legacy software to Brightspot’s leading systems. Furthermore, Peter Goldberger has already initiated discussions for the development and launch of a new showroom program, slated to be unveiled by January 1.

About Incentive Team:
Incentive Team has been a leading incentive company in Atlanta, specializing in providing showroom loyalty programs for professionals in the kitchen and bath industries. They have successfully helped numerous brands improve their sales through incentivized learning and product promotion. For more information, please visit

About Brightspot:
Brightspot is a prominent name in the incentives and channel programs industry, offering innovative solutions and technologies to drive sales growth and brand loyalty. With a strong focus on client success, Brightspot’s Ignite platform powers a wide range of incentive programs, enabling companies to engage, motivate, and reward their partners, employees, and customers effectively. For more information, please visit Brightspot’s website.

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