Incentive Program How-To Guide

Mike May presents his 12.5 steps to creating the perfect sales incentive program. If you’re looking to start a sales incentive program, take two minutes to see a brief preview of the incentive how-to guide.

12.5 steps to a perfect incentive program, let’s jump right in!

#1 Define Your Goals

This is most important, put it in writing to clarify your focus!

#2 Find your Target Audience

Especially the demographics of age, gender, and income and then look at that to motivate the middle. That’s where you’re going to get your biggest ROI.

#3 Analyze Current State

What’s your current level of sales and how’s your team knowledge of the product?

#4 Find the Rules

Do you want it to be open-ended where everybody can win or closed we’re only a few can? Big tip here: simplify! Many people make their rules too complex.

#5 Selective Rewards

Here at Brightspot we support all these and use them in different scenarios to maximize motivation. Tip: remember your audience that you’re trying to motivate, not what you want personally.

#6 Assign Program Administration

You could do it internally or, of course, you can hire an agency like Brightspot. Make sure they’ve got expertise and a dedicated focus.

#7 Add a Technology Platform

Excel works great for a smaller program, but for bigger ones you need a true incentive website like our Ignite platform.

#8 Create a Communications Campaign

Create it like you would any other campaign, with a good and focused messaging. Big tip: don’t rely on email only!

#9 Build a Budget

A healthy program and effective programs can have all these components. We’ve got a budget calculator on our website that you can look at to help with this step.

#10 Track Achievements

How are you going to get the data? Do you need a claim for or can you download a file out of your CRM or POS system?

#11 Fulfill Rewards

Celebrate success, particularly get the rewards out immediately to maximize engagement.

#12 Report Results

Track that ROI so that you can renew and get budget for next year!

We always like to add something extra, so step 0.5 is to keep it fresh with new rewards and new contests!

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