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Spear One, growing over 23 years to be a respected, mid-tier incentive and events agency, has done what many 23-year-olds do – they looked inward with intense introspection and pondered their personality and strengths – and has rebranded as Brightspot Incentives & Events.

The Dallas, TX company has always been a David in a field of Goliaths.  In spite of this, the company has been able to grow five-fold due to its passionate commitment and promise of personal attention, which built long-standing relationships with its clients. To reflect Brightspot’s focus on close relationships with the people they serve, their creative program and artistic design, and producing once-in-a-lifetime experiences, they opted for a name that tells their story better.

Mike May, President of Brightspot and 2018 Chairman of the Incentive Research Foundation, explained:

“We identified three big ideas about our team:

(1) We are people people.  Our clients talk to someone who empathizes with them and has a deep care for their project and their people. 

(2)  We are creative.  Many incentive and event companies focus narrowly on logistics. We add industry-leading creative services and design elements that drive motivational messages before and beyond the reward experience. 

(3) We strive to make our clients’ jobs easier and make them look good.  We want to be the bright spot to our client contact and make their program a bright spot in their company!”

The Brightspot logo illustrates the personable approach, focus on people, and passion for creativity. Its concentric circles have a dual meaning – targeting inwardly to focus on a client’s audience and business goals, while their creative energy reverberates outwardly. The coral color scheme adds a lively, friendly vibe while staying modern and professional.

If you’re interested in learning about how Brightspot creates unforgettable incentive programs, download the incentive how-to guide for an in-depth look.

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Mike May

Author Mike May

Mike is a wearer of many hats. President of Brightspot, author of 12.5 Steps to a Perfect Incentive Program, past Chairman of the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), and recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Incentive Industry. His expertise includes bucket-list incentive trips, motivational incentive program design, matching event goals with the perfect destination & hotel, cost savings strategies, global channel reward programs, and targeted communications. Mike maintains his certifications in many specialties including Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), Certified Incentive Travel Professional (CITP), and Incentive Professional (IP).

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  • Great job folks – takes courage to re-brand after 23 years! Best of luck as you take Brightspot further into the firmament!

  • Scott Siewert says:

    Awesome, on-point name that shines a light on what you are to your clients! Congrats on the new look, and well thought out, strategic branding!