A study done by Successful Meetings this year showed that a lot of meeting and event planners are integrating social media into meeting planning, especially for pre-event promotions. And by a lot, I mean 84%! Now stop and think – do you offer social media management for your meetings and events? In what ways do you think using social media in meeting planning would benefit the outcome of your meetings?

The most popular tools to incorporate social media in meeting planning:

  • Facebook: 89%
  • Twitter: 70%
  • LinkedIn: 51%
  • Instagram: 39%
  • YouTube: 39%
  • Pinterest: 9%

There are a variety of outlets to use social media in meeting planning

There are 3.2 BILLION active social media users – and that number has risen by 176 million in the last year! In a world where we are so social media driven, it only makes sense that social media is making a bigger impact every year in meeting and event planning.

Not only is social media usage in meeting planning high this year; its growth is expected to continue. The same study showed 55% planned to increase their social media usage.

But how can we integrate social media into our programs at Brightspot? Below are a few great tips from Social Media Examiner on ways you can boost your pre-event engagement and promote your meeting or event using social media.

  • Create a highlight reel – Video provides a unique opportunity to convey the energy and excitement of a live event.
  • Make it easy to share your event.
  • Use photos of attendees in social updates.
  • Create a hashtag.
  • Share behind-the-scenes visual content.
  • Mention your event in your podcasts and webinars.
  • Have a Facebook page? Leverage the call-to-action and drive traffic to your registration page.
  • Add the event to your email signature.

As the social media-using workforce continues to grow, it is important to adapt and utilize the forms of communication that best fit your employees. This can be done in a wide variety of ways and to a variety of extremes. Therefore, take a look at your employees and choose a way to integrate social media into your meeting planning in a way that will best fit them and your company’s needs.

For further information on how Brightspot can help you plan better meetings, visit our Meetings & Events page!

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