When you think of typical sales incentives, you’ll more than likely picture sunset dinners on a beach, the newest tech gadget, or a fully loaded pre-paid card. However, these are all generally top-tier prizes reserved for the top-tier of earners. The real aim of a corporate sales incentive program is to “move the middle,” the 60% of your team that has the potential to become new ace salespeople with the proper motivation (see 12.5 Steps to a Perfect Incentive Program for more details). Without adequate buy-in, a spiff program becomes nothing more than a bonus for those that are already reaching or exceeding their goals. This is where promo items come in handy!

Something as small as a keychain or lip balm can be the difference between someone ignoring or adopting a new corporate incentive initiative. Paired with a dedicated website for reporting, constant communication, and a creative theme, promo items can become more than just a throw-away handout; they can be the token of remembrance of an incentive plan that jumpstarted their career. However small or large the promo item may be, sourcing and selecting the right promotional item will determine the ultimate effectiveness.

At Brightspot, we source over 1,000 items a year, so we’re kind of experts in the field. Here are some of our tips on how to best select a keepsake promo item:

Know Your Audience

This is the most crucial step in choosing the best promo item for an incentive program. Take into account age, gender, average income, etc. to make sure your handouts strike a chord and generate genuine intrigue. Those fountain pens standing on your desk may be nice, but if the average age of your team is lower than 30, you’re probably not going to see a lot of interest.

Know your audience for meeting planner direct mail campaignsKnow Your Budget

Can your budget handle more unique items that can leave a longer-lasting impression, or is it only meant for smaller items at a higher quantity? From there, you can decide to source 1,000 small gifts or 300 nicer ones. It’s probably not worth breaking the bank to get everyone a monogrammed clock right out of the gate, use your (or our) creativity to maximize value.

Know Yourself

This last bullet may sound silly, but there have been many times where a creative promo item that ties into what the company does enhances the overall experience and create a longer-lasting impression. Peruse some of my favorite items below:

Here at Brightspot, we work with local vendors to source promotional items that we feel best to represent your company and events. For more info on what bright ideas we bring to the table, take a look at our incentive page!

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