What is a Project Management System?

Are your projects piling up to the heights of the Empire State Building? Are you juggling so many tasks that your big-picture goals are getting buried under the monotony of daily to-do’s?

It is easy to get caught in the rat race of completing tasks, losing sight of the overall goal intended to drive meaningful business. While this sentiment is true for any industry, it resonates most clearly with those that deal in corporate events and meetings. Whether it be tradeshows, roadshows, conventions, meetings, incentive training programs, and the like, it is easy to get bogged down in the daily tasks and lose sight of the grand plan. With all this angst, thankfully, there is a clear solution, and it has nothing to do with complicated excel spreadsheets.

Project Management Systems allow you to take control of the planning, delegation, and tasks of a program into a centralized software platform that is shared between the team and client. You can set goals, to-dos, and timelines all within an easily viewable interface that users can pull up anywhere and update others on the list of current tasks, possible setbacks, or other vital information to keeping the project moving along to the finish line.

Project Management Software Corporate Events and Meetings
How do I use Project Management Software for Corporate Event Planning and Meetings?

Here at Brightspot, our team uses a project management system called Basecamp that allows our teams to follow a transparent methodology that creates not just a timeline of execution but also a system of communication. We follow this process so that as a team, we offer our clients customizable solutions that don’t involve solely checking off to-do boxes. We create a tailored solution that consists of the client’s big goals, turning them in actionable projects while maintaining a clear and concise channel of communication.

Project Management Platform for Meetings

We use Basecamp as our preferred project management software, but our process can be implemented on nearly any platform.

A Better Approach to Project Management Techniques

I know you’re probably thinking right now that this project management system is something unicorns are made of, but quite the contrary. While most traditional project management software solutions include features like a Gantt Chart, Brightspot got creative and chose a different approach. One that divides items by project, not roles, which allows our program managers to get a comprehensive view of the state of the project and allows for quick and efficient communication with our clients. With this approach, you see actual units of progress so that as client needs and goals change, we can more easily adapt the solution and know where we stand on the current project.

At the end of the day, this creative project management system allows us to maintain a big-picture view and allows each team member the focus that is necessary to deliver the level of excellence that is expected. In addition to the actual function of work this creative approach uses, it also allows us to practically share files and images as well as have discussions about changes within a project directly with our clients.

How to use Project Management SoftwareLet Us Do the Heavy Lifting for You

All in all, if you are tired of getting buried under the to-do’s, then give us a ring and let us share with you the creative solutions we offer. As they say, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, don’t just plan it- start off on the right foot by managing the plan into a palatable execution design. Between our team of subject matter experts and our creative project management system lies a wealth of resources we are waiting to share. Often the hardest first step is getting started, so head over to our Corporate Events page and see what bright ideas we can bring to your next program.

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