It’s true. I’m obsessed again. And with good reason.
I’m just back from four-day site inspection, and I’ve compiled a list of the Top 8 reasons I think you should choose Aruba for your next incentive trip.


8. The Airport – It’s not a glamorous start to the list, but it’s an important one! Queen Beatrix airport is a pleasure to fly in and out of. Modern technology, great signage, many customs lines going in, and best of all, you clear US customs at the Beatrix airport on your way out, so you avoid the Miami customs fiasco!


7. Oranjestad is the cutest little city around. It’s a unique blend of old and new that lends a distinctive charm to Aruba’s capital and largest city. It’s home to a bustling harbor and streets that are dotted with international luxury retailers, diverse boutiques, and fantastic jewelry stores.  And nightlife… it’s the place to be. It’s a mecca of restaurants, cafes, clubs, lounges, bars, and casinos. Thinking about hosting dine-arounds? We ate our way through at least 12 restaurants that would be perfect. Send me a message, and I’ll send you a list.

6. Nearly Perfect Weather – all the time. Because Aruba is more of a desert than a rainforest, the humidity is low, and it seldom rains. It’s located outside of the tropical storm belt, so severe weather isn’t an issue. You will find unwaveringly sunny skies, 80-degree temperatures, and cooling breezes every day of the year.

Aruba Landscape

5. Gorgeous Landscapes – Away from the beaches, Aruba is a desert island full of cacti, iguanas and strange boulder formations, and even remains of a Spanish gold mine. Contrasting sharply with the resort area’s serene beaches, the north coast features craggy limestone cliffs, giant sand dunes, and crashing breakers. There’s so much to take in, and it creates a really unique experience for your attendees. And the beaches?

4. The Beaches – Eagle and Palm beaches are home to resorts large and small, super luxurious and laid back, with miles of white, sugary sand; warm, gentle surf, turquoise and aqua seas, and plenty of space for everyone to lay around all day long. Some say they are the best in the world! We saw many gorgeous welcome receptions and Galas set on the beach. One word of caution; the trade winds keep it cool, but it can get pretty gusty. During certain times of the year, a beach party may not be your best option.

The Ritz Carlton Aruba

3. Ritz Carlton – It’s new, and it’s wonderful. Located at the very end of Palm Beach, The Ritz stands out in its majestic yellow glory. This doesn’t look or feel like your typical Ritz but in a good way. It’s very open and airy, and the vibe is casual and relaxed. The large entryway has a nice modern Caribbean feel and a magnificent view. This is THE place on property to have a drink and watch the sunset. The rooms are beautiful and the food was the best we had on the island. It’s a Ritz, enough said.

Flamingos fly south to Aruba in the winter

2. Activities – Aruba has all of the watersports and excursions you would expect from a sun-and-sea destination. Outside of the ordinary, your guests can visit the local Ostrich farm (I rode an Ostrich J), stop by the Aloe Factory and store or skydive, as my clients did on our last morning. There are two private islands you can either visit or buy-out. De Palm Island has a water park, watersports, activities & plenty of restaurants. Renaissance is more laid back and a great place to consider for an off-site function. It’s under consideration for our awards dinner. They suggested we put a stage out in the water with a bridge the attendees would cross to receive their award and take a photo. Sounds pretty nice. The Renaissance Hotel provides catering. Finally, this is where some flamingos like to go when they head south for the winter. Love that.

1. The People – Honestly. By nature, Arubans are genuinely friendly and welcoming. With little history of racial or cultural conflicts, the island has no cause for animosity. As the license plates say, it’s One Happy Island. Their smiles made me smile. Their happiness was contagious. I felt like I belonged there.

I’ll post pictures after the program in September. Until then, Te otro biaha.

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