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Congratulations, you did it! You’ve designed the perfect incentive program, but don’t think you’re done just yet. Keep that momentum going and continuously keep your incentive program fresh by adding some pizazz to the core structure.

To continue participants’ interest, we recommend offering new awards, short-term contests, exciting travel trips, special drawings, spurt promotions, referral bonuses, or extra communications. You can also spice up programs with new award offers.

“Enablement is everything.”
—Sales Executive, on the challenge training new reps and partners as products become more complex and rapidly evolve.

Keep Your Incentive Program Fresh With Contests & Promotional Ideas

Fast Start – Award bonus points on all performance measures during the first few weeks or month

Leader Bonus – Include extra rewards for top performers (and recognition on the website)

Keep your incentive program fresh!Manager Override – The manager receives a matching percentage (often 10%) of points earned by their direct reports (which encourages the manager to motivate all their reps!)

Training Bonus – After training has been completed, earn bonus points; make a sale of trained product, earn 2x points

Spurt Activity – Increase award potential for a specified period (ex: double points for a slow month)

Team Bonus – If the team meets a pre-determined goal, everyone wins

Top Performer – Award grand prizes or special offers awarded to top achievers

Bid & Win – Predict your sales increase to receive an award; the higher the goal, the higher the awards

SO_12.5Steps_add_recognitionAccelerators – Every time a rep passes a threshold, their points accelerate (after level 1, earn 150%; level 2, 200%; level 3, 300%)

Early Enrollment – Earn extra points for enrolling by a specific day

Referral – Refer a friend for extra points

Sweepstakes Drawing – Earn tickets in a random prize drawing

Scratch-off Cards – Instant win cards can have bonus points or special prizes, depending on the card’s hidden value

Training Game – Recently, online games have become popular as an effective technique to promote new product roll-outs or reinforce product training initiatives.

Now you know all of the steps that go into designing the perfect incentive program! Download the full eBook, 12.5 Steps to a Perfect Incentive Program, for additional tips and advice!


Mike May

Author Mike May

Mike is a wearer of many hats. President of Brightspot, author of 12.5 Steps to a Perfect Incentive Program, past Chairman of the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), and recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in the Incentive Industry. His expertise includes bucket-list incentive trips, motivational incentive program design, matching event goals with the perfect destination & hotel, cost savings strategies, global channel reward programs, and targeted communications. Mike maintains his certifications in many specialties including Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), Certified Incentive Travel Professional (CITP), and Incentive Professional (IP).

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