Incentive Travel Program’s “ROE” Improved by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What’s ROE you might ask? Return on Emotion. And what impact does a high ROE provide to a company? EVERYTHING! Return on emotion can apply to employees as well as customers and clients. If ROE is high in the workplace, your employees feel motivated, empowered and dedicated to the processes, services, and products you provide. In turn, your employees will demonstrate excellent customer service to customers and clients, which will increase the longevity of the relationship.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is being incorporated more often than not in business meetings and incentive travel programs and has been proven to be a significant growth factor for employee ROE. The question is why and how does someone implement this into their specific meeting? There are four (4) key ways to do this according to Business News Daily. However, we are only going to focus on the philanthropic aspect of CSR.

A form of philanthropy would be donating money, products or services to social causes in the destination. This is one of the more popular tactics for CSR in events as there are numerous ways to participate and also gives attendees the chance to really feel as though they are personally making a difference. It is important to rely on your Destination Management Company to provide suggestions and vet the nonprofit companies you are considering donating time or money to.

CSR Can Even Be Integrated While Cruising the Italian Riviera

One of our previous programs chose to donate a sum of money to a special needs camp in Italy while the group was cruising the Italian Riviera. Because the attendees were unable to visit the camp, the owners sent a plaque and letter expressing their gratitude as well as a short video of the camp with a personal thank you from some of the campers. This aided in the attendees’ sense of involvement in the donation.

If you choose to donate products or services, use your DMC to try and identify an activity that closely relates to your business and what your employees are interested in. For example, if it is an eye care company on an incentive trip, take some time to provide optometric appointments for children in need and spectacles if necessary.

Another option would be to donate event décor to locals if the opportunity is available. Growing in popularity is donating floral centerpieces from welcome receptions, gala dinners, etc. to nursing homes or hospitals to brighten a resident or patient’s room. According to Random Acts of Flowers, studies show that having flowers in a patient’s room is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and even pain while also boosting their spirits. With this option, you are spending minimal additional funds to make a community outreach in your destination.

Donation of flowers for corporate social responsibility on incentive travel program

One key note, while attendees appreciate the CSR aspect of an event, they do not necessarily want to spend hours doing it. Often the most successful events are when the CSR portion is come-and-go and at a leisurely pace. This provides attendees with the choice to participate and for the length of time they desire. It is recommended to select a day that is predominately “at leisure” so the attendees do not feel overwhelmed by activities.

While there are countless ways to improve your employees’ ROE, consider adding aspects of philanthropic CSR into events. If you need idea generation, contact us! We would be thrilled to assist you with creating unique and memorable CSR experiences for your attendees.

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