Hiring an Incentive Travel Agency

Whether you’re planning your first incentive trip or looking to kick-start your current trip, we suggest hiring an incentive travel agency if your group is 40 people or more (20 qualifiers and 20 guests). There is always a certain amount of hesitation when looking at third-party solutions, but when it comes to making your program an unforgettable experience rather than a corporate retreat, there is no better option than hiring an incentive travel agency.

Maldives Beach Hut - Hiring an Incentive Travel Agency

Hiring an incentive travel agency can take you places and create experiences you will never forget.

Because incentive travel agencies have planned hundreds of trips, their capabilities include:

from five-star resorts on pristine, white-sand beaches to grand
lodges looking out onto snow-capped mountains, their knowledge can be endless.

of hotels, transportation, events, activities, participant support and communications by CMPs (Certified Meeting Professionals) who do this all year long; they are faster, save you money, and reduce risks.

with high-quality vendors in numerous countries with insider information and discounted pricing.

to motivate participants to achieve more by creatively communicating with print, web, email, and apps and automating the winner’s registration.

to make every penny count and keep your accounting department happy with full financial reconciliations.

Amalfi Coast - Hiring an Incentive Travel Agency

High-end experience and international partnerships make hiring an incentive travel agency a natural choice when planning President’s Club trips.


An incentive travel company can offer valuable expertise and save you money and time. Incentive companies will guide you in incentive trip design, timeline management, qualification rules, hotel contract negotiations, event planning, air ticketing, promotional communications, registration website, and on-site logistics management. More often than not, hiring an incentive travel agency ends up paying for itself since an agency has access to better rates and alternatives than are ordinarily available. You can use our handy incentive trip budget estimator to calculate some “what-if” scenarios to get a better idea.

“Is hiring an incentive travel agency more expensive?”

~15% agency fee
is offset by
~15% trip savings

Agencies are continually seeing and trying new things and offer fresh insight and expertise along the way. Incentive travel design is a unique business discipline. It’s more than reserving a block of hotel rooms. Experienced planners have seen good trips — and not-so-good trips. They’ve seen similar projects in similar industries for similar situations. Best practices is an overused phrase today, but hiring an incentive travel agency genuinely offers best practice expertise. Travel-thought leaders will be actively involved in these incentive travel organizations, research groups, and trade shows – to stay abreast of the latest research, trends, and new ideas.

Florence Car Rally - Hiring an Incentive Travel Agency

How about a custom leather glove fitting before taking a drive across the Italian countryside in a vintage car?

Starting a new incentive trip?

Hiring an incentive pro is just one of the seven keys to creating an incredible incentive trip, you can read up on the other six in our new eBook, How To Start an Incentive Travel Program. We highly recommend this resource to anyone starting a new incentive travel program or those looking to revitalize their current program.

How to Start an Incentive Travel Program eBook Cover

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