I am sure you have heard that your brain typically reacts to detected challenges in one of two ways: Flight or Fight. Should you be tasked with the challenge of ensuring an incentive program is launched for your channel partners or internal sales team, you may be tempted to FLIGHT and run off to the Caribbean! (our travel SMEs at Brightspot could also help you plan that getaway too) However, Brightspot is here to help you by throwing in one more option to this challenge: Ignite 3.0.

Ignite 3.0 is the “fresh out of the IT oven” treat your team cannot turn down.  After months of pushing our creative and analytical minds to create an incentive platform, that will not only do the job but do it more efficiently, capture more data, all while improving the user experience, Brightspot is now ready to serve it up. Choosing Brightspot, and thus choosing Ignite 3.0, allows you to relax right from your desk because you WILL launch on time, captivate your audience, communicate with them effectively, and report solid ROO back to your team.

I was privileged enough to have a front seat to watch this platform come to life. I sat in on numerous planning meetings, as the program manager voice (of reason lol.)  Last year, I heard clients make asks for capabilities I pushed to make sure we accounted for in our new system. I made the “dream big” asks that would make a program manager’s job more efficient, and frankly, help us wow our clients. The Brightspot IT developers put all those “bells and whistles” asks into their snazzy creation!


I truly feel Ignite 3.0 is yet another substantial reason to work with us at Brightspot. Lean on our incentive design expertise to help you actualize the best incentive program for your needs, and allow us to use Ignite 3.0 to make its heart pump. I cannot wait to start using this new tool to serve…flex…and impress!

Schedule your personal demo today and see for yourself how Ignite 3.0 adds a fresh spark to your sales incentive programs.

Kara Hoover

Author Kara Hoover

Sr. Program Manager | Expertise is taking the reins on a program and assuring no detail is overlooked; not only doing things right but doing the right thing.

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