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Beached of the Big Island

I must confess, I’m not ‘just back from’ the Big Island. I’ve actually been back on the Mainland for two weeks; and though my tan lines have long faded, the mark that the Big Island left on my heart has not. (Please note that the tan lines I am referring to were left by ankle socks, Bermuda shorts and short-sleeved Hawaiian button-downs, so I am actually quite thankful they have faded).

If you are like me and had never traveled to the Big Island before, you are going to be shocked when you first land at Kona International Airport. The island seems to be covered by more black lava rock than soft, sandy beaches, but don’t let that frighten you. The lava rock is actually a really cool aspect of the island. Nevertheless, whether you’re headed north to the resorts, south to the city of Kona, or anywhere else on the island for that matter, you’re bound to experience some of the world’s prettiest beaches.

The Fairmont Orchid

The Fairmont Orchid Incentive Destination

The Beautiful Fairmont Orchid

I, along with two other Brightspot’rs ventured to the Big Island for 11 days to work an incentive travel program at the beautiful Fairmont Orchid. The property is picturesque. The guest rooms are spacious, crisp and subtly Hawaiian—not a detail overlooked, down to the adorable shell lamps featured on the nightstands. The Fairmont Orchid staff was kind and helpful. The on-site restaurants were nothing short of amazing, with breathtaking views to boot. The Spa Without Walls was incred…err, I was told it was incredible. I could go on about this place. To reference Julie’s blog on The Big Island, it truly was a wonderful spa experience for our attendees. You’ve got to see this place for yourself.

Experience The Big Island

Helicopter Tour of the Big Island Incentive Trip Activities Itinerary

Helicopter Tour of the Big Island

When our attendees were not soaking up all that the Fairmont Orchid had to offer, they were out experiencing the Big Island through daytime and nighttime activities we arranged for them. The daytime activities included a helicopter tour, hiking through the waterfalls and ATVing, just to name a few. On a separate day, attendees could participate in a nighttime activity. Choices included snorkeling with the mantas, a luau, sunset sail and a trip to the top of the Mauna Kea Summit. As attendees returned to the Orchid from both day and nighttime activities, the excitement was audible. You could feel the buzz from what they had just experienced in the air. I have never seen a group so enamored by a destination.

Big Island, you are beautiful in every sense of the word. Thank you for the experience!

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