Ticketing Fees Are Hindering Your Event Marketing Budget

When planning an account-based event marketing campaign that requires tickets to a game, concert, etc., there’s a lot that goes into sourcing and procurement. How many event tickets are you needing? Best seats in house or best price? Are they seated in pairs or all together? Are the event tickets even available?

Among the other logistics that need to be planned for the event itself, the last thing you want to worry about is ticketing. That’s why a lot of event planner’s resort to using a ticket broker for convenience and ease, but the mark-up on tickets with fees is a tough pill for your event marketing budget to swallow. These fees can be as high as 15% or more of face value, and when you’re purchasing for multi-city events, these fees can add up to a point where it limits the number of tickets you can purchase. Luckily for event marketers everywhere, there are a few more cost-effective options that can really make the most of your budget!

Event marketing ticketingTicket Hospitality Firms

Ticket hospitality firms are companies that are online event ticket marketplaces that specialize in connecting companies to the most sought-after tickets nationwide. They go hunting the marketplace for the tickets you need for your hospitality events, within the parameters you requested and all for a minimal fee (typically around 2%) and are always less than any resellers. Companies like Executive Sports and Entertainment (ESE) can also offer personalized service for those instances where last-minute tickets are needed or for an immediate day of support at no additional cost.

Group Ticket Sales

If you know the exact event you want to plan around at least six months in advance, that’s when going straight to group sales is best. Reach out directly to the stadium or venue and get the event tickets that usually end up reselling for double the price closer to the event date on reseller sites. Group sales at the event venues can also sometimes offer discounts for bulk orders – they are also able to offer great inclusions or perks. These perks help open up your budget to purchase more tickets for your event, which allows you to invite more prospects. For example, a recent event marketing program we planned for a client was based around a concert hosted by Live Nation. Since we were six months out from the concert date, Live Nation had their recently revamped box seats available at $250 per seat which included F&B and club seat service and private VIP Lounge access, which the client used to host a pre-event party!


Ticketmaster is an excellent option for purchasing tickets when you have advanced notice of the event you’re interested in booking and fewer expected attendees. Ticketmaster inventory is limited; the closer you are to the event, and the major downfall of using Ticketmaster is the per-purchase limit they enforce on orders larger than eight tickets or more. Ticket hospitality firms like ESE are a great resource here when trying to purchase in bulk because of their ability to facilitate deals via their existing relationships in the marketplace.

So when planning your next multi-city event marketing program, consider the timing and who to reach out to to get the most out of the budget while offering the best experience for your attendees! For more bright ideas on making the most of your programs, head over to our events page to find out what Brightspot can bring to the table. Ticket Vectors by Vecteezy


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