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What do you mean, you plan Corporate Roadshows? You mean like you’re sending your clients on tour?

You nailed it! Roadshows take your brand on a multi-city journey to placing their products at center-stage in your partners’ hometowns.

Roadshows have quite a few stage names – they are diverse in their makeup, and you might hear them referred to as a myriad of things, but they all exist to serve one purpose, SALES! Some top billed titles might be ‘Field Marketing Events’, ‘Lead Generating Events’ or ‘Lunch and Learns’ to name a few. Regardless of what we call them, Roadshows ultimately exist to cultivate new customers or grow relationships with existing accounts, therefore benefitting the companies sponsoring the event by generating sales.

So, let’s hop on the Corporate Roadshow tour bus and work in some rockin’ references to keep it cool as we explore what Roadshows are made of and how to sell them out!

Strategize… Your Set List

Plan how you want to approach the customers and set up the event. You want to find a balance between offering an unforgettable event and making sure you can justify the cost with return on investment (ROI). Metallica’s 2022 Stadium Tour may be a sell-out show, but probably isn’t the best place to be talking shop. We recommend offering a pre-party before the event where they must come to receive their event tickets and merch. It’s in this pre-party setting that you can approach each guest individually and create a networking environment. Sales abound!

Producer Note: Create a memorable experience by matching the audience with the event. Give your team the opportunity to network before setting them loose.

Plan Ahead… And Make Sure Time Is on Your Side

Take Mick and the Stones’ advice here. Life moves so quickly these days; fads come and go; people are onto the next thing so quickly. What does that mean for your event? Your timeline is a major chord; you want to offer someone a unique experience that they may not have had yet and narrow the chance that they’ve been there, done that. Our general rule for is to start about 3 – 4 months out. Allow yourself enough time to source and contract the venues, connect with invited guests, create your theming & build your brand, and manage your orders/shipping.

Producer Note: It’s never too early to get started in your planning! Allow your team the time to get creative and source unique opportunities that draw a crowd.

Be Memorable… Remember Woodstock?

Right, that one; the most iconic festival of all time. You’ve seen images of the sea of bodies and the bird seated atop the guitar neck – they are historic. Images move people. That’s why a strong brand and theme can help take your Roadshow to the next level. I don’t recommend a photo of 400,000 people in a muddy field to lead you off – our graphic design team taught me better than that –create something exciting that people will recognize and look forward to attending!

Producer Note: Strong visuals can make all the difference in attracting an audience. From printed and digital invitations to on-site communications – ensure your theme will be recognizable and exciting!

Don’t Forget to Remember Me… The Goodies That Is

Carrie Underwood said it best – what are your guests going to take from this experience, other than a few memories made or videos recorded while at the show? You don’t have to max out the budget on this, but it’s important to set budget aside here – send them home with something tangible from the event. Be clever and remember your event and theme when brainstorming gifts. I’m not talking tumblers (please, my cabinet can’t take anymore!) – try framed artist posters or set lists from the concert you’re attending, an engraved bottle of alcohol with your brand and the event date or a pair of Bluetooth headphones that will keep the beat going long after your set ends.

Producer Note: Leave the tchotchkes behind. Create cohesion from your opener to your encore by gifting your guests with a quality takeaway that ties into your event.

That’s a wrap on this edition of Brightspot’s Greatest Hits; Corporate Roadshow edition. Have I sold you on them yet? Ready to take this show on the Road with us? We’d love to put together a killer set list of Roadshows to take your events to the next level! Contact us today!

Rock on, Roadshow warriors!

Amy Simon

Author Amy Simon

Amy Simon has been working in the events industry for 10+ years, starting with her first internship at a local music venue while attending Texas A&M University. After earning her BS in Tourism Sciences and a minor in Business, she booked corporate and social events for Dave and Buster’s, then spent 7 years working for the second-largest concert promoter in the world, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), before coming to Brightspot. Amy is a people-centric person; she loves connecting the dots and connecting the people that drew those dots. Her background on both the Sales and Operations side of the Entertainment business gives her a unique edge in start-to-finish event planning. Amy maintains a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) designation and is currently serving as the Vice President of Leadership for Meeting Planners International – Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter (MPI DFW).

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