Every year, new and cool stuff comes out to keep the corporate event planning space fresh, and it’s hard to know what will pop and what will fall flat. I recently attended an industry conference and got the pleasure to attend a great seminar called The Hot List hosted by Michael Cerbelli.  This was his 17th anniversary of hosting The Hot List with 50 hot ideas.  I won’t go through all 50, but I’ll touch on the ones that I thought were pretty HOT.

The Hot 7 for Corporate Event Planning

In the meeting planning industry, we always struggle with ways to make an event cooler than the year before, out-do the competition or just to spruce it a bit. The Hotlist covered all that!

1. Say it with wine corks – Want to showcase where your 2019 incentive trip will be or have your logo be the focal point of the room – this guy can do it….out of wine corks.Corporate Event Planning Idea: Cork Portraits

2. Oh, you want a drone to deliver your cocktail to you at the next cocktail reception? No problem, tell the drone “shaken” or “stirred” and it’ll be on its way. Check out this video by A Razor/A Shiny Knife! Speaking of mixing something up – Who says that a band only needs to play at night? The opening reception, which started at 8:00 am, had The Rhythm Shop band to get everyone up and energized. Talk about a way to wake up!

Cool ideas for Corporate Events3. Another way to utilize the band is with dancers – the band covered the song “California Girls” by the Beach Boys, to introduce the 2018 conference location in San Diego. The dancers threw around beach balls to the audience – it was fun and entertaining…and at this point, it was only 8:30 am!

4. Don’t be afraid to mix up your entertainment – it doesn’t always need to be a get off your feet, clap your hands, and dance kind of band. It could be a country group that is an all-vocal band, or a husband/wife couple called Deadly Games who got their fame from America’s Got Talent, or what about a comedian to keep everyone laughing and entertained.

Corporate Event Planning Band Idea: Vocalists5. Looking to spruce up your event with lights and some fake pyro? Totally Mod has these super cool fixtures that were rigged from the ceiling. The graphics can be changed out as needed. Do you want some pyro but the hotel says no way?  White Sparkle Fountains offers this alternative – it looks like fireworks, but there’s no flames, no smoke, no smell and they are NOT pyrotechnics.6. Let’s talk food! I got to sample DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections, and it was delicious.  You eat it like ice cream and it’s served in a little cup – a great take away gift for attendees. What about margarita flavored cotton candy? Spin Spun can do it!


7. Have you heard of the HP Sprocket Photo Printer that prints photos directly from your phone? Really great option for corporate event gift bags.


Don’t be afraid to do something out of the norm to wow your attendees! Let us know if there’s anything Brightspot can do to spice up your corporate event planning.

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