Behavioral Incentive Programs Accomplish Sales Success

Many companies today are excited about running incentive programs to boost sales and keep those products flying off the shelves.  For most, these sales incentive programs are quite effective, yet for others they fall short.  One of the reasons these programs can fail is because the sales reps have no idea what they are selling. It’s difficult to explain something to a customer when you are not clear yourself.

With today’s increasingly complex sales, reps struggle to create a road map to closing the deal. There is a solution to this issue that’s creating a lot of buzz. Adding a behavioral incentive component can break down a complex sales cycle into smaller, incremental steps to success.

What exactly is a behavioral incentive?  Behavioral incentives, also termed as enablement incentives, are programs designed to provide sales reps the necessary tools to progress to the ultimate end goal, the sale.  Each step of the way, reps can be rewarded for: learning, competency, demos, or proposals.

Sales reps today are tasked with selling multiple products and services which can be extremely overwhelming without the proper training or guidance.  Our job is to come up with a strategy to help them gain the knowledge and confidence to complete a successful sale.

The traditional spiff incentive fails when a rep cannot picture his steps from start-to-sale. He gives up. Breaking down a complex sales into baby steps, or behaviors, which are rewarded with smaller rewards (rather than one big spiff payout if the rep completes the journey) has become a more popular incentive technique.


Below are some examples of these techniques:

  • Training session: Sales reps attend a training to learn about new products or receive information on updates to existing products/services.
  • Quiz: Sales reps take quizzes to test their knowledge on products/services.
  • Certification: Sales reps receive a certification to sell products/services upon completion of training. This guarantees that they are up to speed on the ins and outs of the products they are offering to customers.
  • Demo: The sales rep can successfully demonstrate how a product works to customers.

Rewarding reps for completing these activities won’t break the bank.  Structure your program in $25 – $100 payouts and then decide the value of each activity.  The investment of making sure your reps are properly trained to sell your products is worth every penny!

Ready to take your sales to the next level? Give your sales reps the enablement they need to succeed. Help them help you! Here are a few examples of sales enablement incentives, or behavioral incentives for: learn & earn, certification rewards, and deal registration incentives.

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