Communication Tips for Incentive Trips

Like any successful marketing program, your incentive trip needs a comprehensive communication strategy. From contest qualification to the pre-trip mailer, there’s an art to the promotion of the program details, the qualifying rules that drive ROI, and keeping your program top-of-mind.

Far too often, the communication strategy turns into a last-minute flurry of a few unplanned emails. In a world of email overwhelm, we are lucky if a small portion of our messages are opened and read. (Did you know email open rates average a mere 10% nowadays!) In fact, the #1 mistake we see in modern incentive travel programs is having a tiny communication budget. Don’t let your incentive trip become the best-kept secret!

Here are 8 ways to improve your incentive trip communications to get the most out of your program:

1. Use a Theme

A clever, attractive theme can go a long way. Tie it to your program goals and use the natural attraction of the travel destination to create relevant and engaging design elements.

2. Send a Teaser

Before launching your program announcement, hint at what’s to come. This not only builds excitement but also primes the recipient to keep their eyes open for the kick-off message.

incentive software platform participant portal3. Create a Website

Launch a website when your trip is announced. This allows participants to register in the program and track their progress. We suggest that you make it more than a registration site. Keep driving qualifying participants to the website for trip updates, new qualifying information, and maybe even a leaderboard (for the teams that enjoy a little more competition!). Our comprehensive software solution, Unite, handles all of your website creation, registration, and program tracking needs.

incentive software platform custom website4. Distribute Kick-Off Flyers

Share high-level details and direct recipients to the website for more information. If your teams are together, plan a party using decor and snacks that go with your theme.

5. Share Regular Newsletters

It may be different for every program, but usually, a quick update to remind everyone of the incentive trip is all it takes to keep the excitement up.

6. Email Monthly Statements

Update your participants on their qualification status and highlight the leaders of the pack with a monthly email statement. This helps foster competition and gives a level playing field for those that are unsure where they rank compared to others.

7. Create Kick-off Kits for Winners

Use a customized box of collateral and giveaways to those that qualified for the trip. Give it that ‘thud’ factor (makes a thud when it lands on their desk) to create an exciting pre-trip teaser for the participant. Include some destination-specific gifts and food within the kit to give them a little taste of what’s to come!

8. Send Themed Pre-Trip Packets

Once you have determined your final group of winners, make their lives easy by sending them a pre-trip packet that includes all their essentials for the trip: contact information sheet, itinerary, luggage tags, flight information, etc.

The main takeaway from this list is that preparation on the front end will create engaged participants and happy attendees on the back end. You can find more bright ideas like these in our eBook, Tips to Improve an Incentive Program, for those looking to elevate their incentive trip to the next level.improve your incentive trip

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