What I Find Rewarding

I love meeting new people and building relationships. I also love when I see all of the pieces of a program come together seamlessly onsite.


My eye for detail, contract negotiation, onsite event management, and relationship building.

Soundtrack of My Life

I am a country music girl.  The soundtrack of my life would consist of country songs that includes sun, sand, and water!

My Inspiration

My grandparents – their life stories have always inspired me to be strong in my faith, driven in my work, and committed to my family and friends. Core values that have led to a strong foundation.

Adventurous Thing I’ve Done

Running three marathons!  I would never have dreamed I would run one.

Life Philosophy

“I surround myself with things that make me happy. Why? Because they make me happy…”  I am not sure who originally quoted it, but I love it!


CMP – Certified Meeting Professional
CIS – Certified Incentive Specialist