The Destination Dilemma

Julie Blank

A destination that WOW’s is as good as gold in the incentive travel industry. But what if that destination is 10 hours (total travel time) away? What about 18 hours?

Group Incentive travel from Spear One

Group incentive travel to Bora Bora is something extraordinary.

I try to picture myself as a travel incentive program participant, but I’ve traveled a lot. I know there aren’t many places I can get to in three hours that are going to motivate me to stay engaged all year. That’s going to take a little more. Like Bora Bora. Or Anguilla. Ah… the Maldives. Viva Italy. Prague would be perfect.

As it turns out, I’m not too far off. Maritz published a Travel White Paper titled ‘Making Destination Choice Go the Distance,’ with similar findings. You can find the entire white paper here, and use it to convince your CEO you’re right.

Notable findings include:

A Reinforcement of what You and I Know – 95.5% of qualifiers said they were extremely motivated, motivated or a little motivated to earn the travel reward. 90.7% of non-earners were similarly motivated even though they did not receive the reward.

Location, Location, Location – Destination is one of the most significant drivers of motivational value due to its ability to create memorable experiences.

  • Visiting new destinations or destinations that seem otherwise unattainable are key motivators
  • Participant prefer luxurious trips and “sun and sand” destinations
  • Long-haul destinations do not mean lower motivational value. Travel time is well worth the experience if the trip is something the participant likely wouldn’t be able to experience on their own or is considered luxurious.

Participants indicated that well-regarded destinations with broad motivational appeal include New Zealand, Australia (I keep hearing those two as well lately) & Europe. And we know that exotic beach destinations are never a bad idea. So plan those far away trips to once-in-a-lifetime destinations. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Julie Blank

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  • Julie, I completely agree! I think we sometimes moan and groan about long travel times, but that is when we are packing and planning. Once we arrive to an incredible “bucket list” destination like Bora Bora, we appreciate every moment. It’s great to be able to offer these once-in-a-lifetime trips to incentive travel winners. It makes the experience that much more wow-ing.

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