Lip Smacking Foodie Tours Is a Must-Do During Your Next Corporate Event in Vegas

Las Vegas has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment: shopping, gambling, shows, and nightlife are all top-notch in this city that never sleeps. One would think that breaking up the monotony of a meeting or corporate event in Vegas would be easy. But for those who have been there and done that (which in our industry is most of us), it can become challenging to get attendees excited about flying back out to the desert for their next conference. Start thinking outside the box with an exclusive look at the best of what Vegas’ culinary scene has to offer, courtesy of Lip Smacking Foodie Tours.

Dodge the buffet lines, and get a little history behind the magnificent hotels and art installations on the way to one fantastic restaurant after another. I recently had the opportunity to experience the Afternoon Culinary Adventure on my last visit, and it instantly became the highlight of the trip.

Focus Waterfall in front of ARIA for Corporate Events in VegasWe started near the Focus waterfalls in front of ARIA Hotel & Casino, which gave us a lovely backdrop to meet and mingle with the others on tour and with the tour guide. After a brief history of ARIA and the fountains, we were quickly on our way to Javier’s nearby.

Javiers along the Foodie Tour during a Corporate Event in Vegas

Once at Javier’s, we took in the incredible ambiance of the modern Aztec motif that drew us towards a private dining room in the back of the restaurant, usually reserved for the likes of professional sports teams or an actor and their entourage. Of all the restaurants we visited on tour, Javier’s robust surroundings certainly offered the most unique atmosphere. We enjoyed a homemade enchilada; half with shrimp and Dungeness crab and half chicken with Guajillo sauce that was extraordinary, even for a native Texan. To find Mexican food this authentic in Las Vegas was surprising, to say the least, and set the bar high for the rest of the tour.

Corporate Events in Vegas never tasted so good at Milos on the Lipsmacking Foodie Tour

On our way out of ARIA towards the Cosmopolitan, we had a look at some of the art installations that adorned ARIA’s lobby with a handful of insights from our guide on the way (did you know there was a Henry Moore sculpture in Vegas? Neither did we!). After a leisurely walk over the bridge that connects ARIA and the Cosmopolitan, we had a table waiting for us at Milo’s. We sat down to a shared tasting menu that included a Greek Salad with ripe vine tomatoes and barrel-aged feta that was so fresh and authentic you could have sworn it was flown in from Athens that morning—following that with sushi-grade octopus and lightly fried zucchini accompanied by eggplant tzatziki & kefalograviera cheese made for a meal that went way above and beyond what was expected of a typical tasting menu. That’s when we realized that we were only half-way through the tour and had to pull ourselves away to the next spot.

Taking a look at some historic specs during corporate event in Vegas at RetroSpecs

Before heading off to our next dining experience, we stopped by RetroSpecs’ & Co. just around the corner for something truly unique: a private showing of some historical spectacles. Our elaborately-jeweled host opened up a massive vault in the back of the shop that held the famous eyewear belonging to idols such as Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon, and Gandhi (pictured above.)

David Cheng's restaurant on the Lipsmacking Foodie Tour was a great break to corporate events in vegas

Our third restaurant stop on the foodie tour landed us at Momofuku, star-chef David Chang’s famous NY noodle shop recreated at the Cosmopolitan. While it was undoubtedly the most casual of the restaurants, the Pork Bun and Chickpea Ramen were welcoming comfort foods to wrap up the savory portion of the tour. There really is nothing like Momofuku anywhere else on the strip, offering world-class Asian cuisine in a casual sit-down setting. An excellent spot to wind down after a packed week of corporate events in Vegas.

Cucina by Wolfgang Puck was the perfect cap to the Lipsmacking Foodie Tour during corporate event in vegas

To conclude our tour, we walked back into ARIA’s shopping center towards Cucina by Wolfgang Puck. We enjoyed a dessert plate complete with tiramisu, zeppole, a chocolate cremoso, and my personal favorite: pistachio panna cotta. We had a great time comparing which foodie photos to share on Instagram and discussing our favorite dishes while we enjoyed a delicious sampling of sweets.

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours left us with a fond memory and the desire to try some of their other tours on our next trip! We can definitely see this becoming a staple whenever organizing corporate events in Vegas and highly recommend it to meeting planners looking to create meaningful experiences for their attendees while they’re at your event.

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