At this year’s National Sales Conference, we helped a client set up a booth to highlight their upcoming incentive trip destination and get some buzz and excitement built up early in the qualifying period (that’s a prelude to my next blog post, because everyone should be taking advantage of this time). The other really cool thing we did was to mount a huge map of the world and provide push pins. The map asked Where In World Would You Go?  As you would guess, attendees that were eligible to win the trip were able to place their push pin wherever in the world they would like to go.  Yes, one or two were a bit on the dramatic side; it’s not likely that this group will be traveling on an African Safari anytime soon, but the results were realistic for the most part. Among the top contenders were Paris, Italy, Aruba, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Dominican Republic and Spain, plus a few that weren’t on our immediate radar; Curacao, Grand Cayman, Prague and Anguilla.

It was fun to watch and listen to them debate together over which location to choose and day dream about what the different destinations would have to offer. I think it’s great to provide an opportunity for the group to choose your incentive travel destination. It sends the message that you care about your participants opinions, even though we all know you can’t please everyone.

Two Ways to Allow your Group to “Choose Your Incentive Travel Destination”:

  1. A short survey – This allows for your participants to fill in an exact destination of where they would like to travel to. It also would provide an opportunity for you to consider some options that you may not have thought of.
  2. Choose 5-8 destinations to choose from – Once you have heard from your attendees on where they would like to go, you can narrow it down to 5-8 locations that the group can choose from. This will allow for them to partake in every aspect of the decision process, while still allowing you to have some control over what is realistically doable.

For more tips and trips on how to have successful incentive travel, contact us here! We are happy to give you more ideas on how to let your group choose your incentive travel and how to execute the final decision.

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