Award Fulfillment

Here’s the step participants have worked for — the rewards! Regardless of the award type, here are some important disciplines:

    • Award fulfillment should be carried out in a timely manner. Delayed fulfillment demoralizes the previously motivated audience.
    • Try to get the results quickly, so the awards can be given out while the program is still fresh in everyone’s mind.
    • Present awards in person if possible, for added recognition.
    • Make sure the awards are easy to fulfill. Difficulties or dissatisfaction at this point can negate much of the positive morale.
    • If possible, give the participants options – the power of choice can be an additional motivating factor.

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Add Recognition

SO_12.5Steps_add_recognitionCelebrating success is a fundamental element to foster longer-term, employee engagement. Avoid the awkward situation of a prize box shipping to the winner’s doorstep with no celebration or recognition. Add your own special style to say “congratulations” and “thanks.” Research studies show sincere recognition adds even more motivation and loyalty value.


SO_12.5Steps_immediacyMake sure your winners enjoy speedy award fulfillment. It’s bad when the winner receives their prize but cannot remember why they won. After creating positive energy with an incentive, employees can quickly become demoralized and disengaged if they’re forced to wait 60 days for their award.

Award Neutral

SO_12.5Steps_award_neutralMany incentive companies have an award bias. They might push merchandise catalogs, gift cards, or a club trip as the solution for every business challenge. Brightspot has an award neutral philosophy. Using our expertise, we match the right award recommendation to your audience needs and business goals.

There are only 1.5 steps to go in designing the perfect incentive! Look out for our next post on reporting results. Download the full eBook, 12.5 Steps to a Perfect Incentive Program, for more tips & advice!

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